How do Speedah™ Events work?

Something like this. However, we usually have 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen to a table as group conversations are more fun and engaging.

You get 5 minutes to interact with the ladies/gentlemen at your table. When time is up, you move to the next table. In 1 hour, you would have interacted with more Eligible Singles than you did for the whole of last year.


Who attends Speedah™ Events?

We have had doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, entrepreneurs and many other people from all walks of life who have joined our events before. Basically, you will get to meet many people outside your social circle that you would not usually get to meet, and the best part is, they all have the same objective as you do, that is to meet new people!


Where are Speedah™ Events held?

Speedah™ Events are held at cosy and quiet cafes/restaurants within walking distance from centrally located MRTs.


Can I bring my friends?

Yes, you may purchase Speedah™ tickets for your friends. (Hint: Speedah™ tickets make an awesome surprise for your single friends!)


I’m new to speed dating. Do you have any advice?

Try our pro tips!